Art Studio
Growing up in Michigan I learned the importance of gathering nature's gifts before the cold winter
set in. During the long winters I found creative uses for the treasures I collected from the woods,
meadows and gardens. I took every art class offered at my small town high school in Coopersville
and also at Grand Valley State College in Allendale, Michigan.
I learned to do bead work, weave baskets, press flowers and create gourd art through books.  In
1978 Old Man Winter sent me south to Texas where I spent 20 years delivering mail. On my route I
admired the great outdoors which included many treasures I had never seen up North. In the
evenings I taught basket weaving classes out of my home and at Texas A & M University. My
baskets, gourds and pressed flower/botanical pictures have been sold at several art shows &
galleries. Now that I have a store, my art can be seen & purchased there, & on this site.
about the artist
I have always admired the great diversity and detail of nature. Through my art I have attempted to
preserve its beauty and uniqueness. Creating art with pressed plant materials has been a serious
"hobby" of mine since I was a teen.
I think I could work with them 24 hours a day if I didn't have
to stop for food and sleep! In addition to pressed plants, photo-
graphy and gourds are my other passions. I grow several types
of gourds in my Texas garden. While they're growing I study
them and if I look and listen long enough, they speak to me &
I begin to picture what they are meant to be. Most of my gourd
work is inspired by nature itself & Native American art. I like to
finish them off with a touch of weaving, coiling or beadwork.
11 am ~ 4 pm
Friday ~ Saturday

701 S Main St
Calvert, TX 77837